Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Praise worthy walking

I am finishing my second day of no cane usage. It’s been an interesting episode. My hands still feel like they have pins and needles and my left hand looks kind of like I’ve had a stroke the way it functions and cramps up. My right is fully functional now but still has pins and needles that feel like little bubbles popping sometimes. My legs are still heavy but for the most part it’s just like normal drop foot now instead of the massive ankle weight feeling I had before. The mshug isn’t painful. Just annoying so that’s good. It was painful when I slept but now I think it’s almost gone completely.   I’m still bruised two weeks later from the attempted iv. But I am on the mend and catching up with laundry. So all is well. 

Thursday, April 05, 2018

I got my mri yesterday. It took some time to get a good image due to my bra strap of my sports bra interfering. They had to draw blood too through the iv, which was interesting. They had to put a turnicate on and essential squeeze the blood out. It was not comfortable. 

It was before the last ivsm. Which was more painful than the other two treatments. But I made it through. When they were taking the tape off they ripped out the iv. It kind of feels like it’s still there in my hand. I’m a bit bruised from the initial tries to get iv in. 

But anyway, I’m starting to use the oral steroids today. I started at 10:15 am and am currently really itchie. Other than that, I should be good. That means it’s working, right?

Tuesday, April 03, 2018


Well I’m on day two of iv solumedrol. It took them four tries to get my iv in, like I thought it might so I asked them to put it where it can stay in. I’m just waiting to hear back from dr Webb if I can get my mri done while the iv is still in. I haven’t noticed a big change or anything. It’s hard for me to walk thus the heavy dose of drugs. And my balance is off and my hands are numb. My legs feel like they have ankle weights on them. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Round of steroids

Since the Monday before this Monday I’ve been having an episode.  I woke up and thought I was just out of joint from sleeping in the bed funny ( C had rotated the mattress and I was just coming back from a trip so a different bed over the weekend). So my left fingers were numb and my right leg had pins and needles. The next day I was walking with a limp due to the left side and my arm was not functioning right. I started taking some cbd that Tuesday and I could feel it work within 30 minutes but not take things away completely.  Wednesday came and went and I was worse. By Thursday I couldn’t grip anything and my fingers were turning blue on and off. That’s when I decided the cbd just wouldn’t cut it. I needed steroids. So I called dr w Friday and got a prescription. Slowly I’ve been getting my grip and walk back. I can’t run yet. Not that I’m much of a runner anyway!  But it feels like I have a rubber glove on as far as feeling anything with my left hand. But I know it’s getting better so that’s what counts. It’ll probably be 3-5 more days before I’m all the way back to normal. The biggest side effects have been depression and itchyness. I have been really down and don’t want to do anything but sleep last couple of days. My appetite isn’t bad so that’s good. I think the itchiness is from the nerves being reactivated. 

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Go go medicine

The last time I saw dr W. was for my eyes a couple of weeks ago. While I was there I also mentioned my incontinence and fatigue reaching a low point. He gave me something for the fatigue and it has helped greatly. The stuff I was on before is still have to have coffee with it to make it through the day and that was just not cutting it. So I’m glad I’ve switched. I haven’t had any caffeine since starting it and I’ve even been able to get up and do my Bible study in the morning. It’s still hard to wake up but once I get going I’m good until around 8-9 pm. I probably start lagging around 5, but don’t notice it as much with dinner and bedtime routines happening. So glad I switched. 

Macular Edema

Post dated: December 20, 2017

So I have macular edema. It started about a week ago. I noticed it at the last day of bsf for the semester (December 12, 2017) that there was a spot in the middle of my vision field in both eyes that was gray and blurred out. I tried to wait it out, which I regret now, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Got an appointment at the eye doctor yesterday and he said everything looked fine. But obviously my vision was impaired. So he suggested it be neurological and I see dr W. So I did... today.he looked at my eyes. Had me do a vision test on a screen looking at what must have been a dot or square then looked in my eyes and said That I had macular edema due to the gylenia. Great. So now I have three months to rethink my plan of attack for MS. I’ve stopped taking it right away but now it’s back to the drawing board. I really don’t want to do shots again. So there are two other pills out there that might work for me. I just have to learn more about them. If y’all have any info about the pills for relapsing remitting MS please let me know!  
On a good note I did get something to help me stay awake during the day. So there’s that. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Giving up

I'm tired, but it's not as bad as it used to be. I'm not a zombie, but I don't want to do anything... At all. I don't care about the house anymore an it shows. I don't care about Erin's potty training either. I've given up on them both.
The house is a wreck and all I can do is cringe. I don't lift a finger to clean it because I don't want to exert energy on something that'll never get done. I really wish I could just set fire to the damn thing and be done with it.
And as for Erin, I've given up on her too. She was doing so well only to keep having accidents and I don't want to care anymore... So I don't. And it kills me inside knowing that she can do it but doesn't. She's had days without accidents but she ha stopped caring to be a big girl so I've stopped caring too.
I wish I could have someone step in an teach her without me. I don't want to exert the energy on her anymore.
So it scares me that Paul is showing interest in the potty. I don't want to teach him either. I don't want to do anything. And I don't care.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


I've been taking latuda for about two months now. Started out at 40 mg then upped it to 80. It's been better and worse than the geodon. I don't get the high I got from geodon so I'm quick to my mood swings still. But I am awake and able to be actively doing things, which is nice. The only other problem is the cost.
I wish I could find something that made me feel like the geodon but not drowsy like it did. Well. We are going to try a higher dosage the doc says so I just took my first 120. We shall see if this expensive stuff works. If not I'm gonna give it the boot.
Oh and on geodon I actually lost weight. With the week I took off of geodon before starting this I gained 10 lbs and with this I have maintained and not lost.